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Street Food in Jaipur – A Tempting Guide

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Jaipur- the well-known pink city is popular for its forts, palaces, rich heritage, culture, and traditions. But apart from all these famous attractions, the one thing that makes the much talking about the city is its varying and distinguished flavors of street food items and options.

When in Jaipur, you will never be out of the food options that you can try. The mouth-watering and unique flavors of the Rajasthani food will make you fall in love with them. Here are some of the most famous 25 options of street food in Jaipur that shouldn’t be missed for an unmatched taste.

25 Perfect Street Food in Jaipur to Make You Drool

1. Gol Gappa


Golgappa (source)

To begin with, Gol Gappa makes the very famous and delicious street food that has been attracting the tourists in Jaipur. The tasty and mouth-watering taste of this small Gappa will make you their fan within no instant of time.

You can choose from many varieties of golgappa that the city has in its store to offer you. Chawla’s and Nand are two famous places where you must try this famous street food in Jaipur.

  • The best place to try: Chawla’s and Nand’s at Fashion Street

2. Pyaaz Kachori

Rawat ki Pyaaz Kachori

Rawat ki Pyaaz Kachori (source)

This is one of the specialties of Jaipur and it should not be missed under any condition. These Kachoris are high in calorie but are even much higher in its taste. Once you have tasted this delicious dish, you would always be tempting for more.

There are over 50 varieties of this dish which you can taste from. Make sure to visit the place and try these super delicious street king dish.

  • The best place to try: Rawat Mishthan Bhandar

3. Kathi Roll

Kathi Roll

Kathi Roll

If you love rolls and are looking for a place where you can get some amazing varieties of Kaathi and chicken rolls then you must visit the well-known Al Bake in Jaipur. You can find many varieties of Kathi roll from which you can choose from.

The super-delicious taste will instantly make you fall in love with it. Your Jaipur visit will be incomplete if you haven’t tried the Kaathi rolls of Jaipur.

  • The best place to try: Al Bake, M.I. Road

4. Omelet



For all the egg lovers, the city of Jaipur is nothing less than a treat. The city has many amazing places where you can try some great and delicious tasting omelets even in the mid-night. The mix and match and fusion of omelets are the specialties of Jaipur.

The spicy tasting omelet along with mouth-watering chutneys is nothing less than an attraction for the tourists. This dish is also the favorite of the local residents.

  • The best place to try: Sanjay Omelette, Bapu Nagar

5. Mutton Tikka

Mutton Tikka

Mutton Tikka

Most of the people believe Jaipur to be a vegetarian city but you will be surprised to know the variety and delicious flavors of the non-veg dishes present here. Mutton tikka is just another example that proofs that Jaipur can offer some mouth-watering flavors of the non-veg dishes.

The juicy, spicy and delicious mutton tikka is something on which you will not regret spending all your money. These are nothing less than tasty delights.

  • The best place to try: Sethi Barbeque in Raja Park

6. Lassi


Lassi (source)

Out of the many options for the street food items, if you are looking for some refreshing taste as a refreshment than nothing can be better than having a Lassi. The sweet and rich drink will attract you with its taste and texture every time you visit Jaipur.

To make the drink more attractive, it is served in the earthen pots and is served chilled. This is the favorite of many people for the summers.

  • The best place to try: Lassiwala on M.I. Road

7. Soda Lime Water

Soda Lime Water

Soda Lime Water

This makes another refreshing drink that has all the potential to attract you with its taste and flavors. Once you have tasted this drink, you will need more of it in the scorching summers of Jaipur.

The mouth-watering, spicy-sour flavor of this lime water is one of the USP that always pulls the tourists and local residents towards it. Moreover, you can customize the flavors of the soda lime water according to your taste.

  • The best place to try: Raja Park opposite Milestone Parnami Mishthan Bhandar

8. Chaats


Chaats (source)

The street food of Jaipur cannot be get completely mentioned if the world famous chaats are not included in it. The various chaats like sev poori, bhel poori, etc. are the hearts of Jaipur that has been tempting all the tourists and visitors along with the local residents of Jaipur.

You will find many local vendors selling these amazing chaats at an affordable price. The mouth-watering spicy flavors of the chaats are pretty tempting.

  • The best place to try: Jawahar Circle or Birla Mandir

9. Fusion Food



If you are tired of the same boring tastes and are looking for a place where you can try some different mix and match fusion dishes then Jaipur has that for you as well. Most of the tourists love to try the different combinations of food items that can be tried which makes the best tasting street food of Jaipur.

You can find some amazing pizzas, Chinese and South Indian flavors, etc. in the place as well.

  • The best place to try: Aunty’s Café Near Park Plaza Hotel

10. Crispy Pakoda


Pakoda (source)

If you haven’t tasted the crispy Pakodas, then you have missed a lot of great taste in Jaipur. The crispy Pakoda of Jaipur is the highlight as well as the attraction of the city. You will find many local people nearby the local vendors selling Pakoda in the evening over a cup of tea.

This is the favorite snack of many tourists who are looking for a quick eating or take away at an affordable price range.

  • The best place to try: Saras Parlour in Malviya Nagar

11. Jalebi


Jalebi (source)

If you are sweet tooth and are looking for the perfect dish that can satisfy your taste bud with its super amazing taste then you have to try the Jalebis in Jaipur. The rich and sweet taste of this dish is enough in itself to make it a major attraction of street food in Jaipur.

Most of the local residents and tourists are often found at the nearby Jalebi stalls tasting the amazing taste.

  • The best place to try: Saras Parlour in Malviya Nagar

12. Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji (source)

Pav Bhaji is one of that snacks that you can any time of the day. It can be eaten as a snack item or can be eaten as a complete meal. The amazing mouth-watering spicy and buttery flavor of the dish is always an attractive invite for the tourists.

Pav Bhaji is one of the favorite snacks that most of the local residents also love to have. The taste of this dish will make you forget everything.

  • The best place to try: At Pandit’s Near Birla Mandir

13. Shrikhand



Shrikhand is one of the specialties of Jaipur and thus is one dish that you shouldn’t miss when in Jaipur. The rich and creamy texture and the delicious taste of the dish is something that you will remember for a lifetime.

The dish is served hot along with the seasonal nuts as dressings. The sweet taste of the dish will take over all the stress that you are facing in your life for sure.

  • The best place to try: Falahaar in Saraogi Mansion

14. Kulfi Faluda

Kulfi Faluda

Kulfi Faluda

Nothing can match the taste of Kulfi Faluda when it comes to the dessert dishes. It is one of the most favorite dishes of the Indians, which has also attracted the tourists in the recent time. Other than being a hot favorite as the street food, it is also the favorite in parties, weddings, occasions, etc.

The delicious Kulfi, when combined with amazing yellow Faluda noodles, makes the perfect dessert that shouldn’t be missed.

  • The best place to try: Pandit Kulfi on Link Road, Bapu Bazaar

15. Rabri Ghevar

Rabdi Ghevar

Rabdi Ghevar

This unique combination is one of the other specialties of Jaipur that is the favorite dish of many local people. The dish is so famous that no tourists leave Jaipur without tasting this delicious and amazingly tasty combination.

There are many local spots where you can find this delicious treat for yourself and that too at an affordable price range. This is one of the recommended dishes that shouldn’t be missed at any cost.

  • The best place to try: Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar, Johri Bazaar

16. Paan


Paan (source)

If you haven’t tasted the world famous paan of Jaipur then you haven’t tasted anything. This paan and its flavors are one tempting attraction that attracts most of the local residents of Jaipur every night.

Although, there are many variations of paan served in Jaipur but the taste and flavor of the Meetha Paan are simply unmatched. As a tourist, you should taste this paan for experiencing a different taste altogether.

  • The best place to try: Murli Paan Bhandar, Tonk Road

17. Ice Cream



Ice cream makes yet another perfect sweet cuisine for those who love trying sweet dishes. The mix and match different flavors of ice creams are the major attraction of Jaipur. You can here find some of the flavors which cannot be easily found anywhere else.

The famous fruity and chocolate flavors of ice creams are the specialties of Jaipur that attracts the majority of tourists. When in Jaipur, do taste its ice cream.

  • The best place to try: Jal Mahal Ice Cream Parlour on M.I. Road

18. Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka

Paneer Tikka (source)

For all the vegetarian people, paneer tikka is always a delight. And when the taste of the paneer tikka is from Jaipur street counters, it gets even better. Jaipur street food list is incomplete without the mention of it’s well-known spicy and juicy paneer tikka.

Jaipur can offer you with many varieties of soft and juicy paneer which can make your day simply tasteful. Having this special paneer tikka with the green chutney is a tasteful treat.

  • The best place to try: Sethi Barbeque in Raja Park

19. Tandoori Food

Tandoori Food

Tandoori Food (source)

Jaipur is also a famous name when it comes to serving some of the best taste in the tandoori food items. The spicy, crispy, juicy and crunchy tandoori food makes the best combo that can enhance anybody’s taste and mood within no time.

You can choose from the immense varieties of veg and non-veg tandoori dishes that the street vendors serve you with. The flavors and spices of the varying dishes are pretty tempting.

  • The best place to try: Al Bake on M.I. Road

20. Dosa



Dosa being a south Indian dish is quite popular in Jaipur and the taste of its very own dosa is quite popular amongst the locals and the tourists.

The dosa made at the street corners of Jaipur is accompanied with mashed potatoes, coconut chutney, tomato chutney, and sambar which enhance the whole taste of having a dosa. You can also customize the spices and flavors of your dosa according to your likings.

  • The best place to try: Near Swamy Café in Raja Park

21. Momos



Just like the other places in the world, you will also find the momos lovers in Jaipur. However, the one thing that you will not find anywhere else is the taste of the momos found in Jaipur. The momos made in Jaipur is one of the best things that you can taste in Jaipur.

The freshly made momos along with the amazingly spicy and chilly red chutney are enough to give you the best-unmatched taste.

  • The best place to try: Lane 4 in Raja Park

22. Falahaar



Jaipur is not only for the people who enjoy delicious food on every regular day. But it is also a place which is for the people who keep fasts and still want to have tasty, delicious yet healthy food. Don’t believe us? Well, then the wide variety of Falahaar food items are something that you should try.

The wide range of tasty and delicious Falahaar or fasting food items will always be a good option when fasting.

  • The best place to try: Saraogi Mansion

23. Burgers


Burgers (source)

For most of the people, the street food of Jaipur is all about the wide varieties of burgers. Burgers, indeed, are one good option that you will find at almost all the street food joints in Jaipur.

Different vendors have a different style of making and presenting the burgers and thus you may have as many options of taste as you want. Having a burger in Jaipur means great taste at a convenient and cheap price.

  • The best place to try: Near National Handloom in Vaishali Nagar

24. Cold coffee and Patties

Cold Coffee

Cold Coffee (source)

The combination of these items is one of the favorites of many youths in Jaipur. Mostly in the evening, the Jaipur’s youth is seen at the street joints having a sip of cold coffee along with the super- delicious patties. The chocolate cold coffee is the specialty of the place.

Talking about the taste and flavor of patties, it is crispy on the outside while the spicy stuffing balances the taste factor perfectly.

  • The best place to try: GVD, Malviya Nagar

25. South Indian Food



As a surprise to many people, there is a huge demand and variety of south Indian food in Jaipur. People from around the city visit the various food joints which serve the south Indian variety of food.

The taste of the street vendors serving the south Indian dishes can give tough competition to the many south Indian restaurants available in the city. You must surely try the south Indian food from the local street joints.

  • The best place to try: In front of national Handloom in Vaishali Nagar

These are some of the most amazing and tasty street food items that are quite popular in Jaipur. These famous street foods in Jaipur attract many tourists to the city throughout the year. It won’t be wrong to say that these Jaipur special foods are one of the major attractions of the city apart from the rich culture and architecture of the forts.

So when are you going to taste these amazing dishes? Please feel free to share your experience with us. Also, comment below the best dish that you try in Jaipur along with your experience. We would love to hear from you.

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