jaipur heritage · April 2, 2021

we can’t get away from the sweet or coffee trend! You tried? Dalgona Coffee

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What Is It?

Dalgona coffee. This name must’ve popped up on your social media feed too often, or even better a video or an image of this frothy coffee must be doing rounds on your Insta feed, just like it’s on ours, now!

So what’s all the big deal, and why’s it such a hype? Where did this coffee suddenly emerge from and is it worth a try?


coffee (with a froth on top and cold milk on the bottom) is easy to make and you can breathe just serving, but tastes good and rivals any great coffee. All you need are three ingredients: instant ground coffee (you can also use chocolate-based drinks), sugar and hot water in equal proportions to make the coffee foam. Place all three items in a bowl and beat with a hand mixer until the mixture is pale and shiny. Now add the resulting creamy mixture to cold or hot and spiced milk!

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