November 13, 2020

OnePlus Watch With OxygenOS Coming: Images Out, To Be Priced Rs 9,999?


Will the OnePlus Watch be inspired by the Oppo Watch?Oppo

The rollercoaster of 2020 tech news has produced one more unexpected turn: the rumoured OnePlus Watch won’t be powered by Google’s Wear OS. 

The news comes from reliable OnePlus leaker Max Jambor, who tweeted this weekend that the new wearable won’t carry Google’s software. Jambor later confirmed to 9To5Google that it won’t even use a skinned or modified version of Wear OS. 

If accurate, OnePlus is headed in an entirely new direction for its first smartwatch. There’s good reason or this, too. Not only is there plenty of space for a competing wearable OS (in a way there isn’t for a new smartphone OS), it also means OnePlus can have the freedom to build the watch experience from the ground up, without being constrained by Google’s struggling platform. 

The features offered by Samsung’s Tizen-powered Galaxy Watch 3 and Apple’s Watch OS-powered Apple Watch far outstrip what’s on offer from Android-based wearables. Features like fall detection, comprehensive and in-depth health and fitness monitoring and extreme stuff – like blood oxygen sensors – aren’t widely available on Wear OS devices, if at all. I remain sceptical about how much a smartwatch can or should do, but the simple reality is that Apple and Samsung are pushing the industry forward and offering value for money based solely on an endless roll-call of new features. 

The question is: which way will the OnePlus Watch go? The closely-aligned Oppo Watch is a high-end Android wearable that *ahem* borrowed some design inspiration from the Apple Watch. Whereas OnePlus products in 2020 have leaned toward being affordable instead of expensive powerhouses. The Chinese company’s other wearable, the OnePlus Buds, undercut rivals headphones from Google, Samsung and Apple. 

I suspect the new watch will follow OnePlus’ recent switch to cheaper products and dramatically undercut the competition. Especially in light of the current difficult economic circumstances. That might mean the device doesn’t pack high-end features like an ECG test or blood oxygen monitoring. But the move to using its own OS means we’ll almost certainly see some unique OnePlus-style abilities. I suspect most of the OnePlus Watch’s appeal will come from how it interacts with other OnePlus ecosystem devices. 

The Chinese company has been quite open about its plans to build a connected suite of products, including TVs, headphones, a range of phones and now a watch. I can imagine, for example, a OnePlus Watch being used as a remote for your OnePlus TV with more in-depth controls. Or, perhaps, real-time exercise coaching delivered via the OnePlus Buds, similar to what Apple’s next AirPods will do. This will be at the core of the OnePlus Watch OS, alongside a highly competitive price.

We’ll have to see what the Chinese company brings to the wearables table when the watch launches, which is rumoured to be next year. I’m confident the company will have a significant presence in the wearables market and create some space for itself by directly challenging Apple and Samsung in a way Wear OS watches haven’t.

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Below you’ll find everything that we’ve heard about the OnePlus Watch so far, including potential release timing, specs, features, and more.

One plus watch coming soon

“OnePlus One” – Patience is bitter but an invite is sweeter 

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November 12, 2020

PUBG Announced NEW GAME in India wuth a worth of $100 million investment

PUBG Mobile will make its return to India in a new avatar, parent company PUBG Corporation said on Thursday. TechCrunch reported last week that the South Korean gaming firm was plotting its return to the world’s second largest internet market two months after its marquee title was banned by the country.

The new game, called PUBG Mobile India, has been specially created for users in India, PUBG Corporation said. It did not share when it plans to release the title.

New Delhi has banned over 200 apps with links to China — including PUBG Mobile and TikTok — in recent months over cybersecurity concerns. The ban was enforced as tensions escalated on the nations’ disputed border.

Jobs in Pubg mobile gaming and community

Additionally, PUBG Corporation plans on establishing a local office where it will hire over 100 employees to enhance communications and services with players. “In addition to establishing a local office, the company will look to actively collaborate and leverage local businesses to strengthen its gaming service,” the developers added.

Lastly, PUBG Corporation and parent company Krafton are planning to make $100 million (approximately Rs. 746 crores) investments in India to “cultivate the local video game, e-sports, entertainment, and IT industries.” As of now, the team has not shared a release date for PUBG Mobile India.

PUBG Corp is hiring in India, does it mean PUBG Mobile ban will be lifted?

This is the only job listing posted by PUBG in India. However, if the job is for a Corporate Development Division Manager, it means that a new team will be developed after the right candidate is hired.

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November 12, 2020



oiX & Dtoxx officials on #SoundCloud



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November 10, 2020

Virgin Hyperloop Tests

1st Human Ride, Its Top Executives Are Passengers.

Hyper loop

Virgin Hyperloop executives Josh Giegel, its Chief Technology Officer, and Sara Luchian, Director of Passenger Experience, reached speeds of up to 107 miles per hour (172 km per hour) at the company’s DevLoop test site in Las Vegas, Nevada, the company said.

“I had the true pleasure of seeing history made before my very eyes,” said Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Chairman of Virgin Hyperloop and Group Chairman and Chief Executive of DP World.

Hyperloop test 1


Hyperloop systems in India

In 2018, the Virgin Group and the Government of Maharashtra signed an agreement to build a hyperloop system between Mumbai and Pune. The current train time of approximately 3.5 hours and road time of nearly 3 hours is expected to be cut down to less than 35 minutes if and when Hyperloop One’s system in India is ready. 

Another company, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies or Hyperloop TT, had signed an MoU with the Andhra Pradesh government in 2017 to develop a route between Amaravati and Vijayawada. The proposed project would cut down the 1-hour ride to just 5 minutes. However, there have been no public developments on the project. 

The only Indian company working on developing a hyperloop technology is DGWHyperloop, which plans to build a hyperloop corridor between Delhi and Mumbai.

Virgin Hyperloop one capsules
India 2020
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November 9, 2020

Pfizer says 90% Effective vaccine

“The first set of results from our Phase 3 Covid-19 vaccine trial provides the initial evidence of our vaccine’s ability to prevent Covid-19,” Pfizer chairman and CEO Albert Bourla said in a statement.

“We are a significant step closer to providing people around the world with a much-needed breakthrough to help bring an end to this global health crisis,” he said.

Pfizer and German partner BioNTech SE are the first drugmakers to release successful data from a large-scale clinical trial of a coronavirus vaccine. The companies said they have so far found no serious safety concerns and expect to seek US authorization this month for emergency use of the vaccine.

Health experts said Pfizer’s results were positive for all COVID-19 vaccines currently in development since they show the shots are going after the right target and are a proof of concept that the disease can be halted with vaccination.

Which countries will get Pfizer covid vaccine first?

  • Regulators on both sides of the Atlantic ocean are working to speed a review of the shot’s safety and effectiveness after the data showed it prevented more than 90% of infections
  • Pfizer and BioNTech expect to ramp up production of their Covid vaccine significantly next year, with capacity for as many as 1.3 bn doses


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November 8, 2020

Joe Biden the 46th president of the United States — and the EDM community is celebrating today. Twitter tweets…

46th President of the United States

For the first time in a long time, our Twitter feed is overwhelmed with hope and positivity. Cheers can be heard loudly and proudly in the streets of New York City, America is welcoming Kamala Harris as the first woman and woman of color as vice president, and as Rukes declares, “America is now great again.”

Madeondeadmau5Ellie GouldingDestructoJauzRezzGRiZSubtronics, G Jones and so many more are weighing in on the election results. 

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November 8, 2020


The results for 2020’s Top 100 DJs poll have been announced

David guetta

David Guetta has won this year’s DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll. He returns to the top spot for the first time since 2011

“When I won the first time, I was like ‘OK, if I go to Google search and my name is ten times higher, it should have happened’,” he said. “It’s funny because ten years ago when I won, all the trance fans were so mad against me because it was the first time that trance wasn’t winning — for years. It was the beginning of that EDM era in the festivals.”

Guetta reckons his new collab has the solution: “We have created that new, sexy rave sound that is the answer to this problem.” 

Former Top 100 DJs poll No.1, one of dance music’s unquestionably biggest stars, and with a career that’s spanned over three decades, Guetta’s influence on dance music means different things to different people. For some he’s the antithesis of what the industry represents, for others he’s the pinnacle. Having been a mainstay in the top ten since 2007, it’s clear Guetta’s appeal isn’t waning any time soon.

As every year the controversial ranking of artists is revealed in which (almost) nobody is satisfied with the results. This 2020 the results of the Top 100 Dj Mag will also be accompanied by the celebration of Amsterdam Music Festival , where the city will become a great dance floor. Artists such as Afrojack, Nicky Romero, David Guetta, Don Diablo or Armin van Buuren will perform in different locations. In addition, the No.1 in the world will have an exclusive performance apart from the World Premiere of Two Is One II = I between Afrojack and Nicky Romero.

Top 2020 Dj mag
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September 10, 2020

World Suicide Prevention Day

Sep 10 2020

World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) is an awareness day observed on 10 September every year, in order to provide worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicides, with various activities around the world since 2003. The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) collaborates with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) to host World Suicide Prevention Day. In 2011 an estimated 40 countries held awareness events to mark the occasion. According to WHO’s Mental health Atlas released in 2014, no low-income country reported having a national suicide prevention strategy, while less than 10% of lower-middle income countries, and almost a third of upper-middle and high-income countries had.

On its first event in 2003, the 1999 World Health Organization’s global suicide prevention initiative is mentioned with regards to the main strategy for its implementation, requiring:

  1. “The organisation of global, regional and national multi-sectoral activities to increase awareness about suicidal behaviours and how to effectively prevent them.”
  2. “The strengthening of countries’s capabilities to develop and evaluate national policies and plans for suicide prevention.”

As of recent WHO releases, challenges represented by social stigma, the taboo to openly discuss suicide, and low availability of data are still to date obstacles leading to poor data quality for both suicide and suicide attempts: “given the sensitivity of suicide – and the illegality of suicidal behaviour in some countries – it is likely that under-reporting and m


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September 8, 2020

Pubg Mobile New Update 1.0

PUBG Mobile 1.0 New Update: The update can directly be downloaded from the Google Play Store. They can also download the updated version using the APK and OBB files. Additionally, the company has added many new elements in PUBG’s map.

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August 29, 2020

National Sport Day (NSD 2020)

National Sports Day is a public holiday celebrated in various countries to honour the national sports teams and sports traditions of those countries.On this day people from different age groups take part in sports like kabaddi, marathon, basketball, hockey etc.

The National Sports Day in India is celebrated on 29 August, on the birth anniversary of hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand . This day marks the birthday of Major Dhyan Chand Singh, the hockey player who won gold medals in Olympics for India in the years 1928, 1932 and 1936. He score 570 goals in his career, from 1926 to 1949( according to his autobiography, goals).


After putting his stamp on international hockey arena, and having served his country to reach its pinnacles of glory multiple times. He is a legendary figure in the Indian and world hockey. The most noted memorials for him is the Major Dhyan Chand Award ,the highest award for lifetime achievement in sports and games in India , and the National Sport day celebrations on his birthday. Major Dhyan chand learnt the game of hockey from his coach Pankaj Gupta. There is no one who has reached his level in hockey. The birth anniversary of hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand is on 29 August 1905.



Why Dhayn Chand is called the Magicians of Hockey ?

Dhyan Singh joined the Indian Army at the age of only 16 and started playing hockey there. Since Dhyan Singh practiced during the night, his fellow players started addressing him with the nickname “Chand”.

Once in the Netherlands, the authorities broke Dhyan Chand’s hockey stick due to the possibility of having magnet inside the hockey stick.

In the Summer Olympics of 1932, India defeated the United States and Japan 24–1 and 11–1 respectively. Of these 35 goals, Dhyan Chand scored 12 goals while his brother Roop Singh scored 13 goals. Due to this spectacular performance, both brothers came to be known as “Hockey Twins”.

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Get ready for the biggest marketing launch of the year, combining innovation as well as design.

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